Hettich CAD

Hettich CAD – drawings make your production process easier and more secure.
Use the drawings to adjust the planned dimension. Conduct collision tests
to fix the correct position of the fitting in the furniture and to determine
the drilling points for the assembly.

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    3D drawings of the products

    3D drawings of the products

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    2D drawings of the products

  • 2D sectional views

  • 2D drilling patterns

  • 3D carcase construction

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CAD data

  • 2D and 3D DWG / DXF formats as direct download
  • More than 50 different formats via email in 2D and 3D
  • Drilling patterns in 2D-DXF Format, optimal for CNC processing
  • 2D sectional drawings as DXF- direct download
  • 3D cabinet drawings

    Synchronise planned measurements

    Due to the exact illustration of the articles, planned measurements can be checked easily and dimensional relations are represented quickly and clearly.

    Conduct collision tests

    With the help of CAD-data, it is possible to do a collision test of the products . Through the virtual illustration, planning errors can be quickly identified and eliminated.

    Define the position of the fitting

    Easy positioning because every fitting is made available as a block; so it is possible to position the article easily.

    Determine the drilling points for assembly

    After the exact positioning of fittings, the drilling points and processing can be set quickly and easily.

    Online catalgoue

    In the Online Catalogue, almost every product comes with its respective drawing.

    Drawings download

    Here you can download the drawings of the fittings from the various fittings-groups directly (ZIP).

    Please select the desired fittings packet. It contains a ZIP file with the respective drawings of fittings.

    Runner systems

    DWG / DXF2D / 3D fittings drawing
    SAT3D fittings drawing
    STEP 3D fittings drawing
    IGES 3D fittings drawing
    3DS3D fittings drawing

    Sliding door systems

    DWG / DXF2D / 3D fittings drawing
    DXF2D installation situation drawing
    SAT3D fittings drawing
    STEP3D fittings drawing
    IGES3D fittings drawing
    3DS3D fittings drawing

    Overview drawings

    The reference drawing name, article name and article number is represented in an Excel table.

    Other formats

    Further formats are available in the Hettich Shop.

    CAD partner

    Apart from the Hettich CAD-system, several fittings are saved directly as master data in CAD/CAM-systems. Our partners make available the Hettich data (drawings, drill points, commercial data) directly through a fittings library or master data.



    You will find an overview with the details of the joint partners here: